Items to consider taking with you for an outdoor photoshoot

Items to consider taking with you for an outdoor photoshoot Whether you are an amateur or a more advanced photographer, preparation is an important element for a successful photoshoot. By the time you pack your camera, lenses, memory cards, and any other accessories, your bag is most likely full and, if you are like us,Continue reading “Items to consider taking with you for an outdoor photoshoot”

Mirrorless cameras – Part 2

Not long ago we were discussing the benefits of mirrorless cameras. Continuing this thread, we want to discuss two of the most important benefits if you are an avid night photographer and you find the Milky Way’s pictures fascinating like we do! When you use a DSLR camera night photography can be a real pain.Continue reading “Mirrorless cameras – Part 2”

The benefits of mirrorless cameras – Part One

We have been using Canon’s DSLR cameras for the past several years and we have been very satisfied with the quality of our photographs. We have been researching the benefits of different cameras to see their advantages over our DSLR and we have found the mirrorless camera option to be interesting. Some significant benefits toContinue reading “The benefits of mirrorless cameras – Part One”

Why pick a metal print?

When printing on metal or aluminum-dibond you receive full-bodied colors, a sophisticated appearance, and transformative characteristics of metal that allow surprisingly unique surface finishes. This medium shows off details like no others can and the colors pop with metallic shine. Whether the art piece will be hanging indoors or outdoors ( YES metal prints have weather-resistantContinue reading “Why pick a metal print?”