Items to consider taking with you for an outdoor photoshoot

Items to consider taking with you for an outdoor photoshoot

Whether you are an amateur or a more advanced photographer, preparation is an important element for a successful photoshoot. By the time you pack your camera, lenses, memory cards, and any other accessories, your bag is most likely full and, if you are like us, you probably take a second bag with you for any “just in case” scenarios. We have created a checklist with the “TOP 10 MUST TAKE ITEMS FOR YOUR PHOTOSHOOTS BESIDES YOUR CAMERA BAG” to help you from forgetting something important at home and here we are sharing our list with you.

#1, Portable power packs and extra batteries.

Whether you are planning to sync your camera to your phone or are doing a photoshoot in the      cold outdoors, you need to consider bringing extra batteries for your equipment. Cold weather will drain the charge much faster from your batteries, therefore carrying a dedicated extra power pack can save your trip!

#2, First aid box.      

You never plan on having an accident during a photoshoot, but things happen. When you are focusing on camera settings, checking out the best lighting spots, or just simply looking at the scenery, tripping on a rock or plant’s roots is easy. Having a first aid box can be just as important as having the right camera lenses with you. 

#3, Sealable plastic bags.

Has the weather ever turned on you and you had to run for shelter during a photoshoot because of a sudden rain? Bringing a cheap, sealable plastic bag can save your expensive equipment in an emergency weather change.

#4, Pen for marking labels.

If you are planning on using multiple memory cards or equipment, you might want to take some notes on what was used, where, and when. Having a sharpie or a pen with you can eliminate the guesswork later on.

#5, Notebook.      

We often explore remote new areas during our photoshoots and finding our way back is not always easy. Having a notebook to document GPS coordinates or other field notes can help you later on to go back to a specific spot or remember new ideas for future shots.

#6, Camera and Lenses cleaning supply.

Touching the camera’s lens takes a fraction of a second. To avoid getting a smudge on your pictures always keep some cleaning supplies in your bag (such as lens tissue paper, magic fiber cloth cleaner, or a camera cleaner kit).

#7, Cash.

Facing unexpected nature park fees or parking meters can be a huge drag if you’re unprepared     . Having $15-$20 can save a lot of aggravation in a situation like this.

#8, Travel tripod.

(We will talk about the need for tripods in our next blog in greater detail, but until then, believe us, you will want to have it with you at some point during your outdoor photoshoots.)

#9, Sunscreen, lip balm, and earplugs.      

Never say that you will never need these. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve thanked ourselves to carry these items with us (well, thanked Monika, since she is the one who packs these things before our road trips).

#10, Gaffer tape.

Gaffer tape can fix a million things when you’re in a bind and it is our best friend in the wilderness when something breaks, needs to be secured in place, or even for cleaning off dirt from something.

Now ready, set, GO! Nature is waiting for you to go, explore, and capture the beautiful things out there…

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