Mirrorless cameras – Part 2

Not long ago we were discussing the benefits of mirrorless cameras. Continuing this thread, we want to discuss two of the most important benefits if you are an avid night photographer and you find the Milky Way’s pictures fascinating like we do!

When you use a DSLR camera night photography can be a real pain. To take a great shot of the sky you need to be in a completely dark place. Right? Now try to look through a small hole of your camera to find the perfect setting and you will see NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING…. Try long exposure you might say?  Sure, but how many tries will it take before you actually see a GOOD picture of the sky with stars and all? If you are using a mirrorless camera, you have a HUGE advantage: the ISO of the camera is showing in the viewfinder, so you can see the actual light input immediately! No more waiting and guessing over and over again. Setting up a composition becomes just a matter of seconds. Finding picture-perfect focus (no pun intended) in the dark is easy with the mirrorless camera.

Understanding the histogram on your camera is also important. DSLR cameras show histogram, but only after the picture is taken, while mirrorless cameras show it in the viewfinder during the process of taking the picture. This is a huge benefit because less test photos are needed.

So next time you are out in the wilderness at night, and that big brown bear is just behind those trees ready to pose for your, consider a mirrorless camera! Your quick camera focus in the dark will result in a clear image at the first try.

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