The benefits of mirrorless cameras – Part One

We have been using Canon’s DSLR cameras for the past several years and we have been very satisfied with the quality of our photographs. We have been researching the benefits of different cameras to see their advantages over our DSLR and we have found the mirrorless camera option to be interesting. Some significant benefits to mirrorless cameras are more accurate focusing, less weight, and smaller sizes.

If you are like us and like to use manual focusing, instead of relying on auto-focus, the mirrorless camera might be interesting to you as well. The focus point magnification allows the photographer to see exactly the focal point of the picture, and therefore the pictures are clearer and more defined. Manual focusing with a mirrorless camera has become easier and also more accurate.

We have found that even though the weight between a DSLR and equivalent mirrorless camera is similar, mirrorless cameras are a bit lighter. If you travel a lot with your camera equipment you might find this important, like we do.

When traveling camera size does matter for a photographer. When we get on the road, our luggage is usually filled up with photography gear, such as lenses, extra batteries, bags, a crystal ball, etc. (and you might find a few articles of clothing in there too J). A mirrorless camera is not much smaller than a DSLR is, but every inch count in the travel bags!

With Summer days here now, where will your next photography trip take you?

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