Metal Prints

When printing on metal or aluminum-dibond you receive full-bodied colors, a sophisticated appearance, and transformative characteristics of metal that allow surprisingly unique surface finishes. This medium shows off details like no others can and the colors pop with metallic shine.

Whether the art piece will be hanging indoors or outdoors ( YES metal prints have weather-resistant qualities! ) metal prints are one of the most durable and long-lasting mediums for art today. They stand against high humidity, steam, and scratches better than any other surface, while they also prevent issues with different lighting situations. A microfiber towel or a shammy takes care of the dust and dirt issues.

Metal print is an amazing choice for almost any kind of picture. Metal prints and aluminum-dibond prints offer a unique and modern look most ideal for a frameless gallery display. Our metal prints arrive ready-to-hang and the hanging system is already included in the price! 

HD metal prints are incredibly light, so they are practical for larger size pieces. The different finishes can offer variation from a high-gloss satin look to a modern smooth matte. 

In conclusion, the benefits that metal prints offer as a medium are: 

  • They take a long time before images start to fade
  • Metal prints can look as modern or traditional as you wish
  • They hold up against heat, but best to avoid direct sunlight
  • They can get cleaned easily
  • They are light and hanging large size artwork becomes conveniently effortless
  • You don’t have to worry about spending $$$ on frames
Secure hanging ware holds the light weight artwork
2mm thick metal is sturdy and finished with protective gloss
Ultra-high definition colors, extreme blacks, sharp contours, and a unique, luminescent finish. 

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